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At DuraMark Technologies, providing on-time labels that accurately display your company's brand and other related product information is our number one priority.

We specialize in industrial manufacturers whose products and equipment are exposed to harsh environments.  These types of environments require labels and decals that can withstand the elements without tearing, fading, or falling off.  To that point, DuraMark labels have an average lifespan 3 times longer than the industry average. So, when your name and logo go on, they hold their original look much longer and far better than traditionally-printed decals.

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Branding Decals

Brand image and brand awareness are important for any manufacturer.  At DuraMark, our ability to digitally print branding decals in high resolution allows you to add eye-popping graphics that will last the life of your products. Now your logo and brand will be in front of your customers (and potential new ones) in a high-quality, lasting fashion.


Safety Labels

With DuraMark, safety labels may be provided as single parts, or they may be part of your kits for each product.  Our team can help you conform with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, providing consistency in color and graphics to keep you compliant and avoid fines. Whether you’re a new customer or someone who’s worked with us for several years, we will always offer suggestions to make sure your graphics and colors are aligned with the latest standards.


Instructional Labels

Instructional labels are critical to the users of your products.  At the same time, instructions usually vary from model to model and may change frequently. One of the greatest benefits of the DuraMark approach is how quickly we can accommodate these types of changes.  Because we’re 100% digital, there are no plates or dies to change (and charge you for). Instead, you simply provide us your updated art files and we’re ready to print the new instruction labels immediately.   

Other solutions we can deliver:

  • Reflective labels
  • Skid-proof labels
  • Metal plates