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“DuraMark has helped us meet our lean manufacturing goals by providing us unit-specific decal kits.”

– Wood-Mizer, Material Control

An Innovative, Product-Specific Approach To Label Kits

If you think of kitting as multiple labels sheets stuck in a bag that create confusion on the production floor, you haven’t experienced DuraMark kitting. Our approach allows us to place every branding decal, safety label, and instructional label on a single sheet. It’s streamlined, exacting, and proven to reduce time and money.

DuraMark's Approach to Kitting
Product-specific label sheets with different part numbers in the kit
Product-specific kits mean all the decals for a piece of equipment are in the same place
Error-proof, if a label is skipped, you know right away
Streamlined, can align with production line
JIT delivery works with production schedules, get what you need when you need it
DuraMark's 100% Digital Technology Creates More Flexibility
Quickly, easily, and affordably make a change to single or multiple labels on a sheet
Receive revised labels in a timely manner that won’t disrupt production schedules
JIT processes mean little to no waste when label sheets change
DuraMark’s 100% digital printing is ideal for rebranding, changing regulations, or variable or serialized information

"DuraMark kits are designed to move down the production line, streamlining the entire process, eliminating errors, and reducing costly delays in production and shipping."

– Steve Diller, EVP Business Development/Co-Founder, DuraMark Technologies

Product-specific kits eliminate errors

Our product-specific kits act as a Bill of Materials (BOM) for every label/part that goes on a piece of equipment. That means every label in the kit is applied. If one is left on the sheet, the applicators know immediately that they’ve missed something and can quickly fix the error.

DuraMark’s approach to kitting offers real solutions

Our clients regularly tell us that using our kits helps facilitate a more efficient production process, better adapt to changing requirements, and improve error-proofing for their production/assembly teams.

Increased Production Efficiency

Product-specific sheets
More efficient picking and application

Inventory Elimination

Match your production schedule for JIT methodology
No minimums

Reduces Cost

Eliminates waste due to obsolescence
Reduces storage and overhead

Higher Quality Assurance

Product-specific sheet acts as BOM for easy checking
Reduces errors and held shipments

Superior Durability

Advanced materials
Superior fade resistance

Unmatched Speed

Art to finished part in minutes
Ability for agility

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