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Product Specific Kitting

What is a kit?

The definition of a kit often varies, depending upon your prior experiences.  A kit might mean several labels cut up and put into a plastic bag, or it might mean nothing more than a sheet of standard labels that are applied to all models of a product.  While either of these is better than working with individual labels, each is still far from ideal.

At DuraMark, our innovative approach to kitting allows for the ability to place every branding decal, safety label, and instructional label onto a single sheet.  In addition, because of our technology, we can customize kits for each of your specific products, including the capability to customize down to the serial number level.  

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

The DuraMark Difference

Our clients regularly tell us that using our kitting approach helps them facilitate a more efficient production process, better adapt to changing requirements, and improve error proofing for their production/assembly teams.


Superior Durability

Advanced materials
Superior fade resistance

Unmatched Speed

Art to finished part in minutes
Ability for agility

Increased Production Efficiency

Sheeted label kits
Error proofing

Inventory Elimination

No minimum order quantities
Production schedule matching

Customer Engagement

Give products a voice
One to one customer engagement

Higher Quality Assurance

Guaranteed satisfaction
Instant correction of any issues




DuraMark got us out of the inventory business and helped us reduce costs on every level, from creation to delivery

- GM

We like to align with like minded partners. DuraMark is responsive, professional and they solve our problems.

- Allen Engineering

I used to spend most of my day chasing down decal issues and that is gone since we switched to DuraMark.

- Dixie Chopper

DuraMark’s flexibility and manufacturing technology gives us the speed and agility we did not have with our previous suppliers

- Toyota Industrial Equipment

Our past issues with fading and poor durability are gone with DuraMark.

- Genie

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