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As mobile continues to dominate our lives, your customers’ expectations are changing.  They want information immediately, without having to search for it.

DuraLink gives you a way to get your customers what they’re looking for by simply scanning a label or texting a code.  Using this smart label approach provides them access to information about your specific product they have, without searching your website or downloading an app.  It’s a unique and innovative way to improve your customer experience, using technology that performs well with virtually any mobile device.

Common use case scenarios for DuraLink with clients include technical manuals, parts lists and/or ordering, operating instructions, safety videos, warranty & registration of new purchases, and tradeshow promotion of new product lines.  

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Platform Highlights

Turnkey Solution

We provide the technology and the implementation of your selected customer experiences

Personalized Experiences

Our approach ties the information a customer sees to the specific model and serial number of your product they have in front of them

Smart Activations

Product labels make it easy for customers to access information about your products via QR codes, text message, or even NFC tags

Delivery Channels

You’re not limited to providing access to information via label codes.  You may also choose options like email links, product packaging, physical or digital ads, or tradeshow signage

Any Platform

While DuraLink is a mobile-first solution, your customers may access it from any other type of platform (tablet, laptop, desktop) using a standard browser


Get real-time data access to see how many people are accessing your product information, where they’re located, how long they spent with your information, and other metrics relevant to you and your team  

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