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"DuraLink ensures our brand messages and product information are always at the customer’s fingertips… It was all about differentiating ourselves from our competitors, and in doing so, creating a better customer experience."

– BlueBird Turf, VP Sales

An Innovative Platform to Better Connect with Your Customers

Whether it’s before a sale or after, your ability to communicate with customers and give them the information they need, when and where they need it is critical. This impacts everything from after-market sales to service appointments to brand preference and customer advocacy.

The solution is DuraLink. Our latest innovation unites our durable, high-quality labels and variable printing capabilities with a QR code or TEXT TO functionality and a progressive web application. The end result? A better customer experience.

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Our innovation is yours 

DuraLink’s platform is highly customizable. It can be as simple or robust as you want, just add the information you want to include, knowing you can update, change, or add more whenever you’d like. When you upload your brand elements, our progressive web application becomes an extension of your brand. Bottom line: It’s your app. Without all the up-front development and tech costs.


DuraLink helps make the sale

Let your label do the talking for you. When you use DuraLink labels at a tradeshow or in a sales environment, you’re making it easy for prospects to check out and access marketing materials, tradeshow floor plans, product specs, contact information, and more. After they leave, all that information is right at their fingertips.

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Platform Highlights

Instant Info

Customers quickly find and retrieve information from the product in front of them

Product specific

Information is tied to the specific model’s QR or TEXT TO code

Innovative service

Helps you answer customers needs quickly, effectively, and without frustration

Turnkey Solution

We provide the complete platform + the support and training to make it your own

Any Device

DuraLink works on iOS or Android smart phones and tablets, laptops, or desktops using a standard browser


Get real-time data on key metrics including profile, number of visits, on-site activity, and more

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To experience all DuraLink can mean to your customer communications, sales, and support, click the button below.

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