Label Kit | DuraMark

What is a kit?

The definition of a kit may vary depending on the label manufacturer.  A kit to one manufacturer might mean several labels cut up and put into a plastic bag.  Another manufacturer might call a kit a standard sheet of labels that have no control over changing to fit the needs of their specific equipment.

At DuraMark with our Durable Label Solution (DLS) technology, kitting allows for the ability to place every safety label, instructional label, regulatory label, feature label, branding decal and traceable nameplate or serial tag all on one sheet, specific to one unit.  With our technology, the option to do a complete model customization is possible giving clients complete control over creating a kit that will facilitate a more efficient production process, increase flexibility and improve error proofing for the first time.


Parts of a Kit include the capability for:

1. Configure to Order 

2. Multi Language

3. Safety

4. QR Codes

5. Branding

6. Variable Data