Quality is all about keeping and supporting the trust of our customer.  That trust is gained and sustained by providing a consistent, high quality product.

Quality is the cornerstone to the foundation of our company and fully embedded in our culture and processes.  Everyday team members all over the United States are focused on supporting the high quality standards that DuraMark has set and our customers have come to expect.

Every piece of finished goods shipped from DuraMark or in DuraMark's name are inspected to DuraMark's standards. DuraMark realizes that no company is perfect, but the pursuit of perfection is refelcted in our culture and efforts.  Each day we strive for perfection and will always do our best to respond quickly and effectively when we do not meet our goal.

Providing a long lasting, durable product in the customized solution our customers require creates complexity and challenges not faced by all manufacturers.  DuraMark warrants our final label products to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for 12 months after production.  DuraMark gladly accepts this challenge and leans our solution based, "can do" culture to provide the fuel for that pursuit.



DuraMark 5 Pillars of Quality:

  • Standards: DuraMark supports its high quality standards by inspecting all material that leaves our facility.
  • Strive for zero defects: DuraMark strives for zero defects daily and operates well above the industry standard for DPM. (Defects per Million)
  • Consisten material: DuraMark expects our providers of a raw material and sourced products to mirror our standards and efforts in providing the very best products.  These are the material we count on to deliver a consistent quality product.
  • Communication: DuraMark believes in honesty, accuracy and integrity in all spoken and written communication.  DuraMark stresses to its team members that they represetn DuraMark when they communicate with a customer and that the same high quality standards expected of product and services are expected in communication.
  • Accuracy and Integrity: DuraMark strives to be perfect in accuracy, documentation and on-time delivery.