Industrial manufacturers that need to supply label and decal after-market parts and service requirements for their customers require speed and flexibility from their suppliers.
Because usage of service part labels and decals is unpredictable, Economic Order Quantities (EOQs) from traditional print suppliers is challenging if not impossible for supply chain professionals. If too much product is ordered, it invariably becomes obsolete, written – off and destroyed.   If not enough product is ordered, lead times from traditional label suppliers cause back orders, customer dissatisfaction or even worse-  lost sales.  
At DuraMark Technologies, we built our own state –of- the- art digital machines and placed them in our Rapid Response Centers to provide durability labels and decals just –in-time.  Because we print digitally, we can print just one or many.  Our innovation, speed, and flexibility put DuraMark on the map for Service Parts Divisions of Industrial Manufacturers.