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Support Services

Beyond simply producing your labels, we offer additional support services to maximize our value to you and your team.

Transition Management

Below are some of the ways we assist you during your transition to DuraMark:

  • Professional project management → you’ll work with a dedicated transition manager on our team to make sure things stay on track
  • Assistance with kitting concepts → our team will map out the most efficient way to kit your labels per product.  This will include coordinating kit set-ups per product to mirror production stages where sets of labels will be applied.  
  • Assistance in transition of artwork → your transition manager will help you work with our art team to ensure all label art is confirmed to match your expectations and brand requirements.  
  • Other offerings – if you need assistance with coordinating vendor managed inventory (VMI), just-in-time delivery of label kits (JIT), or variable data setup for your labels, our transition management team will be with you each step of the way to ensure success.

Art Department

Our art department offers the following benefits:

  • Each client is set up with their own secure DuraMark Cloud Repository, which contains all original art files.  This is very different than most printer/client relationships, as we provide you full access to your artwork anytime, with no additional fees involved to do so.
  • Our designers collaborate with your team to ensure the best possible decal and label solutions, including compliance with current standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
  • ECN updates uploaded to your repository are confirmed and updated quickly, helping you to incorporate those changes with as little lost production time as possible
  • When needed, our team can even create/design labels on your behalf