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Since our inception, DuraMark has found a number of industries where label durability and operational efficiencies are critical. These manufacturers have products that regularly are exposed to harsh conditions like heat, cold, rain, snow, and chemicals. Likewise, they tend to have different models for each product, allowing them to benefit from our innovative kitting approach. Below are some of the common industries that take advantage of our solutions:


Agricultural equipment can be exposed to rugged conditions on a regular basis.  The labels and decals can be exposed to rain, snow, heat, cold, UV rays, dust, rocks and other elements found in fields. 

DuraMark adds value to the durable labels for assembly lines that have a tendency to vary, such as in agricultural equipment.


Residential and Commercial Power Equipment

DuraMark is well suited to provide durable labels for both residential and commercial power equipment of any kind. Plus, we will provide the same great customer service regardless of who we are serving!



Not only does DuraMark provide the industry's most durable labels, but with its Durable Label Solution (DLS) technology, DuraMark is able to place every safety label, instruction label, regulatory label, feature label, branding decal, and traceable nameplate or serial tag all in one kit, specific to one unit. Complete model customization is now possible by utilizing this game changing technology guaranteeing:

  • Complete client control
  • More efficient production processes
  • Flexibility and error proofing


Harsh environments of construction sites (rain, snow, heat, cold, UV rays, pressure washing, etc.) demand labels that are durable and up for the challenge to withstand abrasion



With the requirement of material specifications, certifications and strict inspection procedures for each and every part that goes into their equipment in this industry, healthcare manufacturers require labels that can be easily applied and that will last.