Case Studies and Whitepapers

Agricultural Equipment

Case Study

Weather, dust, rocks and other happenings in the agricultural industry can take a toll on the labels and decals on the equipment.  Keep operators safe with labels that:

  • Are durable to withstand harsh conditions for the lifetime of the equipment
  • Resist fading
  • Provide clear communication


Agricultural Equipment 

Durable Goods

Case Study

DuraMark Technologies provides consistency, functional traceability, brand enhancements and production efficiencies through our durable label solutions.  Learn more about how your company can benefit from our solutions that can:

  • Lower label costs
  • Reduce inventory needs
  • Error proof the production line

Durable Goods Case Study 

Automotive Parts

Case Study

Warehouse space and efficiency are critical to the success of a production warehouse.  When it is cluttered with labels, especially with 15 years of inventory for replacement parts, the space required can be large.  Read about how we can help the automotive industry by:

  • VMI - providing replacement part labels when they are needed to dealers
  • Reducing inventory of the labels
  • Providing labels that are durable

 Automotive Parts Case Study 

Service Parts

Case Study

Service parts for OEM manufacturers is an area in which DuraMark is able to provide waste reducing solutions by reducing:

  • Space
  • Scrap
  • Delivery Delays
  • Manpower
  • Service Delays

Service Parts Case Study

Construction Equipment

Case Study

Harsh conditions in the construction industry require a label that is tough enough to withstand heat, cold, dust and other conditions.  With different operators who have varying experience with the equipment, it is important for the labels to stay providing warning to anyone who comes in contact with it.

DuraMark's durable labels prevent:

  • Peeling of the labels
  • Fading of labels

Construction Equipment 



Kitting is done by many different label suppliers. However, with DuraMark's digital technology and patent regarding our kitting capabilities, this allows for us to help your company.  There are many benefits to using kitting in your production line, which you can read about by downloading our transitioning from singles to kits whitepaper below!