Why Choose DuraMark?

CTW-2014WinnerBadge-SmallThere is no comparison.

There are technologies and machines in today’s world market to print digitally. There are durable materials in today’s market, and there are machines to print dynamic data and graphics specific to each unique product a company manufactures.

But...  there is only one solution combining all these technologies together in one user-friendly machine allowing any durable goods industrial manufacturer complete flexibility and control on their own plant floor. Welcome to the new evolution of printing.  
Welcome DuraMark Technologies.

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Welcome to DuraMark Technologies

welcome video thumbnail The DuraMark Durable Label Solution (DLS)

DuraMark Technologies has changed the durable labeling playing field. From building lean solutions to transitioning parts into kits while increasing material durability, DuraMark can service any of your industrial manufacturing labeling needs.

Our products are Durable, Digital, and Dynamic and our services provide a wide variety of solutions for our enterprise and service bureau customers. 

Our promise to you is to deliver:

  • Kits tied to production schedules
  • Artwork to print
  • Variable data capability
  • 80% reduction in part numbers
  • Environment friendly materials
  • Longer lasting products
  • All artwork in a repository
  • Uniform Specifications

Click here to find out how we can address all your durable goods industrial manufacturing labeling needs and maximize your efficiency.

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Dixie Chopper Video Testimonial

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DuraMark DLS Technology

digital durable dynamicDuraMark DLS Technology provides significant advantages over traditional printing to Industrial Manufacturers of all sizes.  Through this new evolution, DuraMark has been able to streamline existing label making processes while keeping the quality and durability of the label intact. (more...)

Mi-T-M Video Testimonial

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