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The Duramark Difference

DuraMark equips you with exactly what you need when and where you need it most

Behind the DuraMark Technologies name is a core business philosophy that surrounds problem solving and developing solutions that enhance and streamline industrial manufacturing operations. Ingrained in the founders of the company is a belief that solutions are only created after thoroughly understanding the problems within the target market.

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Client Testimonials

DuraMark has helped us eliminate waste, cut our costs and be more efficient

John Lembezeder, Engineering Manager, Mi-T-M Corporation

“We have completely eliminated inventory carrying costs and obsolescence by using DuraMark"

Joe Delia, Head of Operations, Dixie Chopper

Since moving to DuraMark Technologies' kits, I've gone from managing hundreds of child part numbers to a little over 20 parent numbers.

Wes Hubbard, VP of Procurement , Bad Boy Mowers

With DuraMark, we finally found a label and decal partner who can give us the same digital advantages as with our technical publications

Sue Knox, Lead Designer, Bruno Mobility

"The transition from our previous supplier to DuraMark was was executed extremely well. The key was over-communication by the DuraMark transition team with our coordinators."

Anonymous, Plant Buyer, Genie Industries